Social Dance


A meditation on current social interactions in public space and social media. The cast is comprised of seven performers & seven audience members. Selected audience are invited into the performance for an immersive experience, communicating with the performers solely via their mobile devices. Researching questions of belonging, integration, isolation and the significance of connection in our socially changing landscape of technology



Premiered at Insitu Site-Specific Dance Festival. Drawing parallels between the historic Gantries of Long Island City and the human body which becomes a powerful hoisting mechanism for transportation, strength, and desire.

ox prowl


A site-specific work in response to The High Line,  created with illuminated Chinese Zodiac Animal lanterns. Historic references to the location coupled with themes of urban and pastoral locations, the performers' movement is based on surreal animals/humans in a mid-summers night experience.

Ox Prowl is about either our animal nature of what we go out and strive for, or what's attracted and comes to us



Site-Specific Project at Pioneer Works, draws on the historical, industrial components of the Pioneer Works space.

The performers are costumed in light blue jumpsuits, signaling the attire of a worker with a duet between a woman and a man clothed in navy blue evening attire, emerging out of this uniform chorus, representing the ones whose beautiful life is made possible by the workers who build it. The woman asks the man to pass the salt across the space, she then runs in her trailing dress to get it herself. She imagines an invisible table made only of the constructs of her fantasy and thus void of the salt of the earth.



Site-Specific Performance made for New York Transit Museum's Inaugural Platform series.

Surreal, Evocative, Historical, this immersive performance took place in a 1969 subway car. A woman is costumed in a dress made of newspaper from the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

A gentlemen 'reads' her as if reading the news on his commute as a duet unfolds exploring private space, public space and outer space.




Earth Horse is a solo performance inspired by the Chinese Zodiac and the attributes that label, guide, and shape human behavior. Particularly in relation to compatibility, desire, and attraction. The audience is requested to know their zodiac animal for an immersive moment.

23 Skidoo


The work is based on an iconic image from an early 1900’s legend regarding the Flatiron building. It is said that the buildings triangular shape created specific wind currents. These gusts of winds would blow women’s skirts revealing their legs as they passed by. Such an occurrence caused men to loiter and watch, finding fascination with the bare legs of a women, seldom exposed at that time. Local Authorities would shout, 23 Skidoo, as a code word for telling the men to scatter, stop their gazing. Abstracting & exaggerating the representation of this image, the research explored an architectural structure which informed a movement vocabulary as well as the relationship of men and woman over the past 110 years. This first part is created for the theatre with a cast of seven women and three men. The second part was site-specific, located around the Flatiron building with 32 women and 10 men.

Flatiron Documentary / Watch 23 Skidoo at 20'40



A site-specific adaptation of composer Masami Tomihisa's poetic narrative, The Story of Lady Grey. With room for somatic interpretation, narrative is explored through this highly poetic Dance=Theatre work, using the architecture of Anita's Way in site-specific response to mimic the linear structure of the story. The performers move along the length of a city block posed as an undulating wooden walkway. Embodying dream-world surrealistic notions of the self, the movement luxuriates in soundscapes and text which was audible through each audience members personal cell phone as they joined Lady Grey on her adventure by walking through the space in unison with the moving quartet.