Shandoah’s Shiatsu NYC, the best.
— -Elena Brower, Art of Attention
Shandoah is a gifted healer. A deep listener, she was able to discern what my issue was and gently and directly guide me to correction. Teaching me powerful tools for noticing the difference between imbalance and balance, I now automatically self correct as the bitter taste of old patterns are easily noticed and dropped. Ever since our first session, I walk and move with a self awareness which enjoys the enlivening health of balanced posture and breath. This single session has lead to a deep shift in my life.
— – Dr.M
This was the best body work experience I ever had. Better than deep tissue massage. Shandoah has a magic touch. Can’t recommend this enough!
— Chana
I’ve had uncontrollable “sweet” cravings all my life. As I get older, It has become harder and harder to keep my weight from fluctuating wildly. I had a session with Shandoah a week ago and have had no cravings since…. So far…so good!!! I now also have tools if I do experience a craving as well the knowledge that she will be there for more sessions if i need them. This is so comforting! Thank you Shandoah
— Ronni
I have experienced Shiatsu throughout Japan & South East Asia & have always compared my sessions to Shandoah’s, coming up short. Her capacity for diagnostic intuition, balancing and centering are unusually high & the overall sessions are transformative, awakening experiences. Rush to her!
— Brandi, Actress
There is something miraculous in the simplicity of Shandoah’s approach. She understands the subconscious’s willingness to be explored with a minimal but focused guidance on her part, and receives it with a warm and gentle confidence that enables the process to unfold naturally and feels safe. The results are powerful and undeniable, with remarkable effectiveness after just one session.
— Lune
I realize now how easily our bodies can tip out of balance and each time I visit Shandoah, I feel physically and cognitively more centered. I’m fascinated by the work and become more physically aware, relaxed and balanced after every session. Thank you, Shandoah - your expertise is absolutely invaluable
— Kristin, Dancer
I felt gently and soothingly guided through the experience, feeling like it lasted only 15 mins or so, not the actual hour that it did. Right after the session I felt calm and relaxed. Since then I have felt the ‘craving’ much less often and when it has come up I have been immediately aware of it and able to use one of the tools you gave me to get past it, really helps and I feel quite empowered that it then helps me to focus my attention elsewhere.
— Ruby
I’m a violinist with persistent tendonitis and my session with Shandoah was one of the most intense, incredibly healing experiences I’ve had. I can’t wait for my next session!
— -Rachel
Shandoah is a gifted shiatsu practitioner who brings with her an extensive understanding of the body through her own dance practices, a sensitive touch and very friendly and approachable persona. I have benefited greatly from her treatments, my body feels great and I appreciate her insights and advice. Go see her and she’s sure to help you along your way!
— -Zoe, Acupuncture

I was introduced to Shiatsu 15 years ago when I began my chiropractic practice. It had been years since i had experienced the work. Shandoah is a talented shiatsu practitioner with an intuitive healing touch. She is compassionate and caring. Experience the amazing health benefits of Shiatsu by Shandoah.
— Robert S.