experience change

3 minute audio to help you arrive in the moment



So what is this work all about?

Its a way to teach YOU how to change anything you wish to change by accessing the subconscious parts of the brain which hold specific neural pathways or patterns.

My first question will be, What do you WANT to change?
That’s right, you choose what needs tweaking and rearranging on a brain level and experience just how powerful change happens when we go beyond the conscious mind filters.


Sessions last for an hour and are a combination of conversational change and deep relaxation or also known as a trance state. sessions can also be integrated with shiatsu which helps move the body into deeper relaxation while moving patterns which resonate in the physical anatomy.

My story

After years of practicing SHIATSU I have added a new angle to working with the body/mind to my palate for profound balance and change…Bringing you the powerful practice of Hypnosis to help YOU change your mind, thus your body too!

It makes more and more sense as I work with the body just how connected everything going on in the brain is. I have been fascinated with the psychosomatic connection for some time and this natural evolution is so inspiring.

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