This short film serves as a meditation on how humans are made in our current landscape of maternal clocks, technology and the irrevocable desire to make another human. Conceived on the beach, layered with metaphors of cycles within the body paralleled with the fertility of the earth.

Cover Photo by Laura Bartzok

23 SKIDOO (2012)

Site-Specific Dance Film, Flatiron Building NYC

Start watching at 20'40 to see 23 Skidoo in this documentary about the Flatiron

Video & Editing Washmachine Productions, Jimi Pantalon

La Musica de Siempre

Video shot in Paris for Gotan Project's 3.0 world tour, '10

Film by Prisca Lobjoy, Ya Basta Productions


Open Kitchen, Closed Embrace (pero si, pero no, pero si)


Straying from a literal illustration of the world of tango, a sensual, poetic universe in the form of a journey through the different faces of femininity & masculinity is created during an artistic residency in Buenos Aires. Researching the physicality of Argentinean society and translating into codes and gestures creating a working movement vocabulary, as a type of Anthropological Study. Imagining a strange world, between dream, memories and fantasies, which captures the texture of Tango, in its melancholy and its old-fashioned elegance.

Mini DV, Juan Ferrero, Editing by Glen Mobley 2011