Featured in New York Magazine 

Featured in New York Magazine 


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to create performance experienceS for any venue or theme.

Carte Blanche is proud to be a new and specific voice designed to compliment existing event planning strategies, infusing elements of performance art in a strong way that diverges from traditional forms of party entertainment. 

Surpassing the expectation to sip and schmooze, audiences have the splendor to access their creative curiosities as they engage with the ambiance of an event in unexpected ways.


Everyone wants an incredible experience and the sort of wildness and candor that defines our performances is designed to emblazon itself on your guests memories forever.

Each performance is uniquely planned based on a series of dialogues with the client and is structured in response to venue, theme and genre. Interactive moments are a cornerstone of what we do and we invite guests to be part of this singular experience.

I thought the performance was absolutely brilliant. Not only was the main theme of the “beast” you created with the dancers completely out of the box, when they broke out of shape to give audience felt hearts, you captivated every onlooker. Very tasteful entertainment for this kind of event.
— Guest